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I am a Life Coach in South Florida and use Peripheral Biofeedback as a primary tool to help people in this area attain a wide range of goals. I teach peripheral biofeedback which has a wide range of applications from greatly improving stress management skills, increasing focus and attentional abilities, and developing what is called peak performance. These biofeedback tools are part of a holistic approach to attaining and surpassing the goals you are working towards, be it in business or in your personal life.


I learned biofeedback in the 1970s through a relationship with Dr. Geri Fee and Dr. Les Fehmi, who has run the Biofeedback Lab at Princeton University for decades. Ever since then,  I have been learning and practicing and teaching biofeedback and enjoying the feelings of well-being that spring from it.  I studied psychology at William Paterson College and then New York University. 


I am a former Executive Director of the NRBS, which is a clinician association for practitioners of psychophysiology in the Northeast, U.S. During my time there, I was also lucky to study biofeedback and healing methods with Dr. Eric Peper, the head of the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, and one of the founders of the holistic healthcare field. I met most of the leaders in this field while doing that work and also created the  Biofeedfeed practitioner groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, which continues my involvement with the best and brightest in this field. I also ran a private practice in Westchester, New York called Westchester Biofeedback. In addition, last Spring I founded Biofeedback Without Borders modeled on Doctors Without Borders, to coordinate pro bono medical service providers interested in helping serve people around the world, who don't have the funds needed for help.


I want to thank my family, friends, and amazing daughter Adeline Blue for special support in the current project. 


So now I am looking forward to working with people in Southern Florida and also to working in collaboration with other practitioners of Biofeedback in this area.  


Feel free to call me at 914-721-0070 and let's see if South Florida Biofeedback and the coaching we provide can improve your life!



Dave Newman M.A






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